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Теги: Развлечения, survival, knife, jungle, aitor

AITOR JUNGLE KING 1- Blade length: 210 mm.- Handle length: 140 mm.- Stainless steel injected handle.- X42 steel blade INOX 46 CR13 - hardness range of Rockwell C 55/58).- 85 mm double saw- It includes policarbonate and fiber glass rigid case with sharpening stone and 8m of cord.- Weigth: 1000 gr.- It includes the following survival accesories:* Compass.* Waterproof Survival Matches.* Fishing kit (hooks, fishing line and weights).* Sewing kit (needles, thread and safety pins).* Capsule for antiseptic liquids (Betadine or Alcohol).* Scalpel.* Suture needle set (Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Vicryl 2-0 and 3-0 18").* Pills capsule. * Water Filters (Katadyn Micropur Forte tabs).* Analgesics (Nolotil caps).* Antibiotics (Zitromax caps).* External applications.* Latex tubes.* Nippers.* Mangesium pill.* SOS symbols.* Ruler (milimeters and inches).* Signal mirror.* Pencil.* Forker pole.* Nylon cord.* Multitool skinner knife.- MADE IN SPAINIMPORTANT INFO: If you want to get a real AITOR JUNGLE KING 1 or JUNGLE KING 2 don't buy any that are in sale nowadays because they have very bad quality.AITOR cutlery closed at the end of 90's and it was buy for another company (pielcu),now is called AITOR/PIELCU (fucking shit quality) .My knife is from 1997 before AITOR closed.AITOR JUNGLE KING 1983 - end of 90?s .http://armasblancas.mforos.com/1055988/4752692-jungle-king-i/

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